Before I created Phoenix and Peacock, I noticed that there were mass productions of the same  products. The quality of most of them was cheap-looking and the price was way too much for a mass-produced item.

One day I learned that I had the creative ability to make one-of-a-kind pieces that people would love!  My brain has been in over-drive ever since. The list has taken a life of it’s own and my ideas continue to grow daily.

I was concerned that anyone could do this, so I wasn’t sure anyone would want to buy my fantasy-inspired products. But after talking to colleagues, friends and family,  and vending at various shows, I discovered not everyone has this talent, much less the time to create pieces of their own.

I decided to set out to create the most authentic, unique, and high-end products for the most quality-conscious and whimsical-seeking clientele.
It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined. After a downturn in my 25-year graphic design business, I had to reinvent myself. I needed another outlet to make money and to feed my creative soul. But I struggled as to what that solution might be. A friend of mine complimented me on my dragon that I had created. That is when my creative muse decided to make an appearance.

I started going to craft fairs to sell my collection and the response from strangers was amazing. I asked them what they liked, and they gave me valuable feedback and encouragement for future pieces.
They responded with they are proud to have an original piece that no one else has and that it cannot be bought in mass quantities. It makes my customers feel as unique as the art that they purchased.

Through it all, I released the first products and the response has been pure love from everyone who sees the products. It is very humbling when someone buys something that you created with your own hands.
I look forward to making products that are uniquely yours.

Kim Horodowicz
Owner & “Soul” Artist