Hello! Thanks for clicking “ABOUT”! I’m flattered that you want to know more about me and what I represent.

I have been studying various forms of intuitive guidance for over 30 years. I use my intuition and other divination methods to unlock answers to questions regarding love, relationships, career, and finances. I will help identify any blockages or barriers that need attention in order for you to obtain your goals.

In my 20’s, I studied energetic healing, reading auras and objects, and I mastered the ability to work with Spirit Guides. I dove into automatic writing and am loving this tool! I have  worked publicly at fairs, events and at private parties and have read for hundreds around the globe, both paid and gratis, in-person and remotely.

As an intuitive psychic advisor, I am certified and have been formally tested many times for accuracy. I love to help clients pursue their dreams and to reach their goals in a precise, guided manner. Consistently, I have manifested what I want in life and can teach others to do the same. This takes practice, but anyone can do it if they just know the correct way!

I use tarot, oracle decks, pendulum and the pictures that spirit gives me to deliver accurate and meaningful messages. At first they may not make sense, but write them down and later they will come together for you.

We ALL have intuitive abilities, but growing up, (at least some of us, if not most of us had this experience if you are my age..I am 53 at the writing of this bio) were not taught how to use them, but were advised to keep it a secret and don’t tell anyone. Or, everyone thought we were just nuts and being ridiculous.

I am a Master 33 in numerology which means I am born highly intuitive and my life path is healing and helping others with an extreme “Sense of Knowing”. I thoughtfully use a variety of skills to help find each client’s desired life path. I offer my clients direct answers about the past, present and future. My intention for my clients is to have the best life possible, as we map out a concise plan for success!


I am now a lifelong student of the Divine. The TRUE divine, not who the church defines as the  “Divine”. My mission is to enlighten and teach others that, they too, have the abilities that I have. They are not a gift to be given only to a few. We ALL have these abilities within us. We just need a guide to help us discover everything within ourselves, and the truths that we already “know”.

THEREFORE, I am a practitioner of  the “Art of Knowing”!


Kim Horodowicz
Certified Tarot Advisor