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Ganoderma: Medicinal properties

General – Antioxidant – Anti-aging

  • Ganoderma is called the elixir of long life
  • It is one of the best antioxidants (one of the most important)
  • Ganoderma is a powerful anti-aging (as traditional use)
  • It can increase the IQ and train the memory
  • Increase vitality and combat decay
  • It is used for asthenia (Associate with Royal Jelly and Spirulina)
  • Benefits the adrenal glands (Strengthens and stimulates)
  • Increases muscle strength and anaerobic and anabolic resistance

Protector – Prevent diseases

Help protect from any disease

  • Stimulates the immune system and makes it more resistant
  • It can eliminate waste from the human body
  • Eliminate contaminating toxins from the body (Associate with Chlorella and Spirulina)
  • In conditions such as; laryngitis, pharyngitis or neck or throat pain is used with good results
  • thanks to its medicinal properties.
  • Protects the respiratory system from any pollutant; gases, smoke inhalation.
  • It can be used as a natural antibiotic (for viral diseases)
  • Prevents the cold, the cold and the flu (Associate with Echinacea or Propolis)
  • It is suitable for feverish conditions
  • It is often used by people with allergies because Ganoderma can fight against
  • By strengthening the immune system
  • It is a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory
  • For people with fibromyalgia (Associate with Rhodiola, Griffonia simplicifolia)


Ganoderma is used to combat stress, and nervousness

  • Ganoderma is a regulator and therefore improves the quality of sleep
  • In many centers it is used for drug addicts who want to withdraw from their lives; alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin … (often associated with Rhodiola, Ginseng)
  • It is used to combat fear (fear of moving forward)
  • Increase and improve concentration
  • Stimulates the part of the brain responsible for storing memories and therefore increases memory
  • Reishi is a powerful protector of the cardiovascular system (Associate with Omega 3)
  • Combats headaches, migraines and headaches

Digestive – Organs – Liver

  • Ganoderma is still used in those cases in which the liver (and any liver area) must be protected
  • In case of jaundice
  • In people with problems with alcohol ( inflammation of the liver)
  • It is also a powerful protector against intestinal infections, protects and facilitates digestion
  • Used by people with gallstones

GANODERMA: The powerhouse of mushrooms, has been used for over 2,000 years for its ability to support a healthy immune system because it help support the growth of your body’s own active immune system cells.

Furthermore, antioxidants and a healthy diet can really help your body fight the side effects of inflammation. We use the spores, the mycelium, and the ganoderma cap – each has its own unique blend of antioxidants to support fighting free radicals that can cause inflammation and damage at the cellular level.