Labradorite Heart


*Stone of Magic
*Transforms Ordinary to Extraordinary
*Crystal of Shamans and Healers
*Travelers and Seekers of Universal Knowledge and Guidance
*Safe Exploration in Astral Travel and Alternate Levels of Consciousness
*Penetrates the Veils of the Void
*Facilitates Visionary Experiences of the Past and Future
*Awakens Awareness of Inner Spirit
*Intuition and Psychic Abilities
*Innate Magical Abilities
*Telepathy, Prophecy, Communication with Guides, Spirits and Accessing Akashic Records
*Grounds You to the Present After Moving Between Worlds
*Tempers Our Shadow Attributes
*Releases Addictions and Bad Habits or Patterns
*Calms Overactive Mind
*Energizes the Imagination
*Inspires New Ideas, Spontaneity, Adventure and Change
*Relieves Emotional Drain from Daily Routine or Responsibility
*Brings Forgotten Memories to Light for Understanding
*Contemplation and Introspection
*Clarifying Intellectual Thought and Intuition to Dispel Illusion to Determine Root Cause of an Issue
*Prevents Energy Leakage
*Activates Third Eye Chakra

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