“Manifestation” Blessing Fan

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Every smudge fan is a unique creation! There are no two alike

This large handcrafted Sacred Blessing Fan is made with authentic pea ock, ostrich, pheasant, and dyed turkey feathers. The turkey has long been associated with abundance and gratitude. The turkey spirit carries deep, grounded feminine energy that honors Mother Earth and all things of the natural world. Not only a symbol of abundance, the turkey is all about fullness, nourishment, and well being, and encourages harmony between mankind and nature.

This particular fan is adorned with a red Aurora Borealis swarvoski crystal charm.  The handle is  wrapped with coordinating colors to enhance the beauty of this fan. The wood branch is personally chosen from my own back yard!

Each fan has it’s own name and own “personality”.  Once a name is picked, it is it’s own and will not be used again.  During the naming ceremony, I bless each fan and  it is “cleared” so that when you receive your fan, it is ready to be infused with your personal energy!

In addition to use in the smudging ceremony, they can be mounted on the wall as art, or as part of an altar space, personal shrine, or as a special gift for someone who values personal growth work and connection to nature.

The main reason for smudging with feathers, is due to the fact that birds are revered by native people because of their closeness with Father God. The spirit of the bird is believed to come through using their feathers in the fans thus connecting the Divine Spirit with Mother Earth during the cleansing ceremony. The feathers actually move the energies from the Aura Body through the sweeping motion, much like that of a bird in flight.

The cards associated with these fans are taken from the Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma.


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