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Past Life Regression Package


This 3 session package uses Tarot and guided imagery to send your consciousness into one of your past lives.

This session will occur in 3 parts:

First Session: Tarot reading to help explore a past life. I will connect with your energy to get a general overview of who you were, what you learned in the past and what you are here to learn in the present.

Second Session:  Full 1 hour guided past life meditation for you to get more details regarding one of your past lives

Third Session: Recap and coaching session discussing  together while we explore what you received from your meditation and discuss who you were and who you are meant to accomplish or learn in your present life. We will also discuss how your past life is relating to your current life including blockages and overcoming these blockages.


What you’ll discover:

  • A journey back through time to uncover lessons from previous lives
  • To receive wisdom that you can apply to your current lifetime and situation
  • To understand your karmic and life patterns and release/change them
  • Connect with your higher self
  • Develop a more expanded view of your life
  • Learn how to connect with the superconscious (universal) mind to receive guidance
  • How to clear and protect your energy
  • How to work with your chakra system to release blockages from past lives
  • Healing your connections with others
  • Learn healing processes that will bring about forgiveness and help you move forward in life



This option is for a general and overall reading, or topic of your choosing, as the current situation presents on the current timeline of your life.


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